Need to download CA 2E and upgrade from 7.0 to 8.7
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Need to download CA 2E and upgrade from 7.0 to 8.7


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We are way behind on our upgrade of Cool 2/E product. We are at 7.0 version and plan on having a consultant to help us get current on the most recent version. I will need to download the software to do that update. Can you step me through instructions on where I go on your site to download to our iSeries the software for CA 2E to upgrade from 7.0 to current? 


Component: C22E


Clicks to download the CA 2E software DVD.
1. Logon to
2. Click MENU and from the dropdown select DOWNLOAD MANAGEMENT
3. Enter CA 2E in the search box
4. Click CA 2E 400 Toolkit OS/400 RISC
5. Select CA 2E r8.7 DVD and put it in your cart.
6. You can optionally add to the cart “How to Obtain Your License Key - CA 2E”
7. Follow the instructions to download to your PC.
8. You will need a DVD buster (ISOBUSTER freeware is an example)

This is additional info you will need to review before upgrading your software. Once on the site, you can easily see the info.
1. Release Info:
    a. Enhancements
    b. No PTFs published. One consolidated PTF in works.
    c. Known Issues
    d. Your site will need new licenses. Open a new case or let me know an I can do it for you. You need to
        supply your model and serial numbers. If you have Implementer depending on your contract, you may
        need to obtain keys thru PTC or CA can acquire. Partition info is needed. If you have CM, ask for keys.
2. Installing:
    a. Read this entire section depending on what you want to do.
    b. Explains downloading and uploading software from DVD.
    c. Parallel Installation
3. Upgrading :
    a. Software
    b. Existing Design Models