Rally - Communities: Subscribe to Product Updates
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Rally - Communities: Subscribe to Product Updates


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


There are a few ways to check out what's new in Rally, but the best option is to subscribe to our product owners' posts to the Rally Community! The Just Released section includes product announcements, upcoming changes, even fixed defects!


Component: ACPREM


New product announcements and other newly-released features and fixes are always tagged "just-released" in the Rally Community.

To set up notifications on newly-released features and updates in Rally:

1. Go to https://community.broadcom.com/enterprisesoftware/mycommunities and login
2. Click your Avatar and select Communities.
3. Click Explore All Communities, locate and Join Rally Software and others that you may be interested in.
4. Click on Rally Software.
5. Click on Just Released.
6. Explore recent posts to Rally Software.

Also check out the Release Notes section of Rally Help at https://techdocs.broadcom.com/content/broadcom/techdocs/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/agile-development-and-management/rally-platform-ca-agile-central/rally/release-notes-top.html.