CA File Conversion - Fails to Generate Valid ASCII Data


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


The CA File Conversion utility that must be used to take FD data output from a generator in the portal and re-assemble it based on the copybooks into valid flat-file data is producing invalid data (NON-ASCII Characters) when the parameter is specified to the .CMD batch file that the output must be in ASCII. The only fields that appear to work correctly are COBOL PIC S9 SIGN IS LEADING SEPARATE; otherwise the results (even for regular PIC 9. fields) are all non-printable characters. The input was ASCII, and the output needs to remain ASCII COBOL - not some weird EBCDIC Encoded ASCII. 
The generator output this: 
ACCT_RECORD 0NyMXHNlAVrlQTrUZ 69553BANKJOO 78-084502870 

However rather than the correct output which 'roughly' would have been: 
0NyMXHNlAVrlQTrUZ 69553BANKJOO 78-84502870 

The file conversion utility output the following. 

How can we get this fixed?


TDM 4.6


A new version of GTXGENF.exe has been created.  This should be used to replace the existing .exe.  Please contact CA Support for this executable.  If you are download a GA version after 8/14/18, please contact CA Support to verify that this executable has been added to that version.

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