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Starting and stopping services using startdefservers and stopdefservers


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


When executing the "" we are unable to stop an individual service.

It shows the services are being started.
Start Default Servers 
LISA_HOME: /opt/CA/DevTest 
DevTest bin: /opt/CA/DevTest/bin 
DevTest tmp: /tmp/lisa/root 
DevTest Registry: Registry 

Starting Registry 
Stdout / Stderr redirected to /tmp/lisa/root 

Starting Broker 
Stdout / Stderr redirected to /tmp/lisa/root 

Starting Portal 
Stdout / Stderr redirected to /tmp/lisa/root 

Starting Coordinator 
Stdout / Stderr redirected to /tmp/lisa/root 

Starting Simulator 
Stdout / Stderr redirected to /tmp/lisa/root 

Starting VSE 
Stdout / Stderr redirected to /tmp/lisa/root 

When I try to stop the Portal Service, it shows the Portal is not running.
./PortalService stop 
Shutting down PortalService 
PortalService is not running.


All Supported DevTest Releases


There is a script to start and stop DevTest components.
The ' startdefservers ' starts the Registry, Broker, Portal, Coordinator, Simulator and VSE. It does not start the Enterprise Dashboard.
The ' stopdefservers ' stops the VSE, Simulator, Coordinator, Portal, Broker and Registry. It does not stop the Enterprise Dashboard.

These scripts handle the standalone processes for DevTest components. It does not start the services.
To start or stop DevTest services we will need to execute the following executables with the start or stop option:
RegistryService, BrokerService, PortalService, CoordinatorService, SimulatorService, and VirtualServiceEnvironmentService.

More details on how to start DevTest components in the link below:
Start the DevTest Processes or Services


You can use the stopdefserver .sh to stop all the components, or search for process ID for the Portal and kill it (kill PID).
To find the PID for Portal you can execute the command below: 
#ps -rf | grep -i Portal 

To start the services for each component and not the standalone process, you can create a script to start or execute each service with the start option: 
RegistryService, BrokerService, CoordinatorService, SimulatorService, VirtualServiceEnvironmentService.