Purpose of processes alarms.cfg file


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What is the purpose of the processes alarms.cfg file?


- processes v4.32 or less


If configuration changes are made to a processes probe profile, the probe will not clear any pending alarms and this is working as designed. That is the reason that it is recommended that once a processes probe profile is created, changes should not be made.

1. Explanation for Clear alarm not being raised on a soft restart. (rt-click restart)
After making then applying changes to a processes probe profile, if the probe is restarted, it does not maintain a list of already raised alarms to compare previous configuration thresholds against newly configured thresholds (for example running instances against expected instances).  No clear alarm is issued in the following scenario

• Create a monitoring profile for a process, e.g nimbus(logmon), and "set expected instances = 2" 
• Alarm is raised as expected. “nimbus(logmon): Wrong number of instances of process nimbus(logmon), expected instances equal 2 but found 1“ 
• Go back to probe GUI and update profile so that "set expected instances = 1" for same monitoring profile. 
• Clear alarm is not generated

2. Explanation for Clear Alarm on manual cold start (Deactivate-Activate)

When the processes probe is cold started, the probe updates the “alarm.cfg” file and saves all alarms not cleared while it was stopped. When the probe restarts, it reads the uncleared alarms saved in “alarms.cfg,” clears them, and then removes them from the file. Using this approach, the probe is able to clear previous alarms on a manual restart. 

Note: Pending alarms are saved only when the probe is stopped. If no alarms were raised by the probe before the hard restart, then the probe won’t send any clear alarms when its restarted.