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Group members are unable to access offerings in CA Service Catalog


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Through CA Service Catalog admin interface, administrators add permission from Active Directory groups to offerings in CA Service Catalog, but members of the given groups are unable to access those offerings and request items from CA Service Catalog. It happens when EEM (CA Embedded Entitlements Manager) is integrated to Microsoft Active Directory.


CA Service Catalog 17.1
CA Service Catalog 17.0
CA Service Catalog 14.1


It happens when the group name in CA Service Catalog, EEM (CA Embedded Entitlements Manager) and Active Directory do not match. It normally happens when Active Directory was upgraded from older versions and have an additional group name called Group name (pre-Windows 2000).

See example below:

<Please see attached file for image>

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When adding group permission to offerings, make sure the group name in CA Service Catalog, EEM (CA Embedded Entitlements Manager) and Active Directory are the same. Go to Active Directory and make sure there is no difference between the Group name and the Group name (pre-Windows 2000).


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