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CA Automic Workload Automation: STOP NOMSG is used but the result is not ENDED_EMPTY as documented


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


The error is described by the following example:
In the Event Process of a Time Event, the script function :STOP NOMSG is used to stop the execution of the Event Process. E.g. if a time criterion is not fulfilled.

According to documentation, objects stopped with :STOP NOMSG should always end with the status ENDED_EMPTY:

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However, the result is always ENDED_OK as in the example below:

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An error has been fixed where !EVNT tasks did not end with status "ENDED_EMPTY" if :STOP NOMSG is used in !PROCESS tab.


Release: AUTWAB99000-12.2-Automic Workload Automation-Base Edition


Please install a fixed version as soon as available, or a newer version:
  • Automation Engine 12.1.3
  • Automation Engine 12.2.1
  • Automation Engine 12.3.0


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