TDM 4.6 Upgrade HASHLOV in Portal Not Showing all Parameter Fields


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


The problem may be due to missing information in FDM’s config file (we use this to drive the portal UI). Can you fix the config.xml file? 

To use it: 
Download the "config.xml" file 
Navigate to the FastDataMaker installation directory (by default it is under "C:\Program Files\Grid-Tools\FastDataMasker") 
Rename the existing "config.xml" file and place the newly downloaded one in its place 
Restart the “CA Test Data Manager Portal” Service 
Wait for Portal to start up 
Once ready access your Data Masking -> Configure screen and select the HASHLOV masking function 

OLD entries for even as far back as 4.2: 
<description>HASHLOV - Hash current value to consistently pick a 
value from seed list 
<parm1>Seed List</parm1> 

Suggested new entries: 
<description>HASHLOV - Hash current value to consistently pick a value from seed list</description> 
<parm1>Seed List</parm1> 
<parm2>Masking Values Column Number</parm2> 
<parm3>Column to Hash on</parm3> 
<parm4>Hash Seed Value</parm4> 


TDM 4.6, 4.5, 4.4, 4.3, 4.2


Issues have been corrected in the new config.xml that will be shipped with all future patches.  Please contact CA Support to either get this config.xml file or verify that it is in the current patch or GA version that you are installing.

Additional Information

Video URL on how to open a Support Case -

You can download the latest version of TDM by following the directions in this document:   

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