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We have done the pilot POC in production for the 32 tables, using the mainframe inflight masking solution.

Below is the summary of steps we have followed for the POC:

Step1:Create the transformation maps and subsets in Datamaker and export these files to mainframe 
Step2: Run the extract job in production, which will use the exported transformation map and subset as input. This job will create the temporary files in production with the masked data as per the input file scope/criteria. 
Step3: Transfer the temporary files from production to lower environment using NDM jobs 
Step4: Run the load job in lower environment, which will use the exported temp files as input and load the masked data into the respective target tables. 

Current Scope: Now we have to develop a mainframe inflight masking solution for an application. As per the current analysis we have to copy the 500 plus tables data in a single job using the inflight masking solution and we have observed the below issues while building the masking solution. 

Issues : 
Issue 1: In extract job (step 2) we have to create one temp file for each table i.e we will end up in creating the 500 plus temp files in single job which will utilize lot of system resources in production. 
Issue 2: The IEBR14 utility is giving an JCL error message (step 2), if we define more than 130 temp files in single step with SPACE=(CYL,(1,1),RLSE) 
Issue 3: As we have to export 500 plus temp files (step 3) to lower environment (using NDM job), it will again utilize lot of system resources in production.

Is there a way to fix the software to handle the increase in scope?


Component: TDMMNF


T01149192.zip contains XMIT format files with a new version of GTXMSKL along with a DBRM member for the program. The .zip includes a ReadMe.txt file covering installation, and how to use the amended program.  Please contact CA Support to get this zip file.  If you are downloading the artifacts for the Mainframe GA after 5.4 version, please contact CA Support to verify that this fix made t into the release.

Additional Information

Video URL on how to open a Support Case - https://communities.ca.com/videos/5898-demo-how-to-open-a-support-case

You can download the latest version of TDM by following the directions in this document: https://support.ca.com/us/knowledge-base-articles.TEC1903942.html.   

To contact support, go to https://www.ca.com/us/services-support/ca-support/contact-support.html