Poor performance in api portal/gateway 3.5


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Under load testing api gateway fails with OutOfMemoryExecpetion when handling api portal requests.


Gettng list of the API's was a slow process, so to optimize a more direct JDBC connection to query the API's can be used in the API Gateway from API Portal 3.5 CR2 onwards. 


API Portal 3.5 CR2 + 
API Gateway 9.3 


1. Login to your API Gateway via Policy Manager 

2. Create a JDBC connection with the following details: 

Connection Name: Local 
Driver Class: com.l7tech.jdbc.mysql.MySQLDriver 
JDBC URL: jdbc:mysql://<Primary DB Server Hostname-OR-IPaddy>,<Secondary DB Server Hostname-OR-IPaddy>:3306/ssg 
Username: gateway 
Password: <gateway user password set during initial setup> 

3. Click “Test” button to ensure your configuration is valid 

4. Open line 355 of the portalman policy (Perform JDBC Query Assertion) and set the drop down to: 
JDBC Connection = Local 

5. Save and Activate the policy. 

6. Go to "Manage Cluster-Wide Properties" and create a new cluster-wide property named: 
and set the value to: true 

***Note: make sure there isn't any white space in the cluster-wide property name or value*** 

7. Test the API Portal by going to Dashboard > APIs and ensure that you're getting a list of APIs returned. 

If it returns a list of APIs, you should be seeing a noticeable performance improvement when retrieving the list of APIs. Let me know if you have any questions.