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How to get symbolic variables in custom skeleton on MJBPMDL populated


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I have a customized version of the batch processor model (MJBPMDL). My version (MSBPMDL) contains references to several global symbolics that are not being resolved, including %USERID and %FROMSSID.
How to get symbolic variables in custom skeleton on MJBPMDL populated?


DB2 V11 R20


First identify the JCL symbols using from RC/M as: SSID; CREATOR; STRATEGY; ANLDATE; ANLTIME; ANLUSER These are all taken from the values specified in the "Batch Processor Interface" screen before you enter a B in Execution for Batch mode. Mostly from "BATCH PROCESSOR ANALYSIS INPUT:" The reason the below values aren't populated is because there's three sets of symbols. --RCM model symbols, like USERID and FROMSSID, which the customer is incorrectly trying to use below as a JCL symbol. -Batch processor model symbols, like DATE and TIME that are mainly used for allocating datasets. -and JCL symbols, which are the ones we're using here, like GENUNIT, STRATEGY, and ANLUSER. (mentioned above) They're all different and kind of inconsistent. i.e: The RCM symbol FROMSSID is analogous to the JCL symbol SSID in this case. Unfortunately, the JCL symbols seem to be poorly documented and I can't seem to find them externalized for a customer. Ultimately, to get the product to work correctly I think they can replace... FROMSSID with SSID and USERID with either CREATOR or ANLUSER depending on their needs."