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Do we need to create a new RPROF table when upgrading?


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset Gen - Host Encyclopedia Gen - Run Time Distributed


When upgrading from CA GEN 8.5 to 8.6, does a new RPROF table need to be created?


CA GEN release 8.6


A new RPROF table does not need to be created when upgrading to CA GEN Release 8.6. The RPROF tables created under previous versions of CA Gen are compatible.  When an RPROF table is used which was created in a previous version of CA Gen, the CEJOB15R job must still be executed in order to bind the current version of the runtime package TIRPROFD to use the existing RPROF table.

However, if it is necessary to create a new RPROF table, please set Y to create a new RPROF table in the %CEINSTAL clist.
Please select from the main menu of the %CEINSTAL clist:
    Option 9. Set target system variables option
    Option: 6. Set RPROF variables

Use these steps to set RPROF variables when setting the Create runtime profile table (RPROF) option on the Target Environment Configuration screen to Y. This option builds the BLDRPROF JCL member stored in the CA Gen JCL library. 
BLDRPROF can be used to create a runtime profile table, RPROF, if one does not exist.
When building a new RPROF table, please execute the BLDRPROF JCL and then execute the CEJOB15R JCL to bind the runtime package TIRPROFD to use as the new table.