Users getting Internal Server error when accessing timesheets in New UI


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Some users are reporting that when they attempt to enter their timesheet data in the New UI in CA PPM, an error is thrown: "Internal Server Error"


Component: ODPRD


Perform the following steps:
1. hit Ctrl + H
2. on the top left hit "Clear Browsing Data"
3. switch to the "Advanced" tab
4. set the Time Range drop-down to "All Time"
5. put a check on every box (scroll down to make sure all boxes are checked)
6. click the "Clear Data" button
7. close chrome completely
8. re-open chrome and attempt to get to the timesheets in the new UI again
9. if it still does not work, follow steps 1-8 a second time (some users had to perform the steps twice for it to work properly)