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Users getting Internal Server error when accessing timesheets in New UI


Article ID: 110960


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Some users are reporting that when they attempt to enter their timesheet data in the New UI in CA PPM, an error is thrown: "Internal Server Error"


Component: ODPRD


Perform the following steps:
1. hit Ctrl + H
2. on the top left hit "Clear Browsing Data"
3. switch to the "Advanced" tab
4. set the Time Range drop-down to "All Time"
5. put a check on every box (scroll down to make sure all boxes are checked)
6. click the "Clear Data" button
7. close chrome completely
8. re-open chrome and attempt to get to the timesheets in the new UI again
9. if it still does not work, follow steps 1-8 a second time (some users had to perform the steps twice for it to work properly)