Build 189 moves Configuration tab settings from global to Roles
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Build 189 moves Configuration tab settings from global to Roles


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USER would like to see the following changes in Web Viewer, if possible: REMOVE/HIDE/DISABLE ‘Configuration’ Tab for USER (advanced user) coming in through the External Security EXIT, and have ONLY ‘Advanced Search’ tab display: The CONFIGURATION tab must not be visible by USER staff. Please REMOVE/HIDE/DISABLE. (These settings should be locked down to the Branch staff, they should not have access to update any settings. )


Component: WBVLUW


Build 189 contains a feature to address this concern. Build 189 is now GA.
The way this feature was implemented does indeed work - in that it achieves the desired effect. 
What CA did was NOT to remove the Configuration tab entirely - that could not be accomplished and it would have had detrimental side-effects. 
Instead, the Configuration tab settings were changed from being Global to being Role based. 
To affect the (Advanced User) Role, Configuration settings in 12.1 Web Viewer Build 189 or later, go through the tabs: Administration - Role, then select the (Advanced User) Role and then the new Configuration Tab Elements tab. Try leaving only the Favorites List option as it is the one function most sites like for their Advanced Users to be able to configure. Click the "Update" button to save the changes. 
Logging into Web Viewer anew, you will see that any user with the modified role will have only Favorites under their Configuration tab. 
And yes, if business needs dictate, you may remove all settings categories under the Configuration tab for a role, rendering the tab blank.