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Misalignment of data header and values in Time Management Report in Advance Reporting


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When the report “Timesheet Detail” is generated in CA PPM (Project & Portfolio Management) Advanced Reporting, the sequence “Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat” displays incorrect hours when certain Timezones (such as  Pacific Time or Central Time (US&Canada)) are selected. The data is misaligned and is showing under the wrong day of the week.

Steps to Reproduce 
1. Log in into PPM
2. Navigate to Home-->Account Settings 
3. Select Time Zone value as (GMT-08:00 Pacific Time (US&Canada) and Save the details 
4. Navigate to Home-->Advanced Reporting 
5. Click on the "View List" of the Report and search for "TimeSheet Detail" report 
6. Run the Timesheet detail report by filling in the mandatory fields

Expected Results: Reports shows the data in the correct day of the week
Actual Results: There is a misalignment of the data in the which got generated when we have Time Zone as (GMT-08:00 Pacific Time (US&Canada)) 
Note: Only column values gets changed but not the data. The generated report makes it appear that the hours are being entered for non-working days.


Release: CODCVU9900-14.4-PPM SAAS-View Only Userpack for-Canadian Government Entities


This is caused by: DE33515


This issue is fixed in CA PPM 15.3
Workaround: Use a different timezone such as (GMT+10 Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney)