Searching partial contact names shows errors in the Quick Profile view
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Searching partial contact names shows errors in the Quick Profile view


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When using the search bar in the upper-right corner of the Service Desk Manager web interface, it's possible to search for contacts using the "User by ID", "User by Name", and "User by Phone" criteria - this opens the Quick Profile window for the located contact(s). When searching for a contact by Name or ID, but only providing a partial name, the Quick Profile view may display an "AHD04610:There are no Contact records matching [your search criteria]. Please modify selection criteria" error. This error occurs when the partial name matches up with only a single contact (e.g. 'ServiceDes' would only match to 'ServiceDesk'). When this error occurs, the left-hand pane of the Quick Profile view correctly displays content for the one valid search result, but the right-hand pane displays the error message and an empty search result list.


Component: USRD


The two panes of the Quick Profile view treat the same search from the upper-right corner search bar slightly differently - while the left pane automatically appends '%' to the search and finds the one relevant result, the right pane does not, and treats the search literally with no wildcards. As the two panes are showing two different searches, this causes the left pane to load correctly, while the right pane does not find any results.


When using the search bar, append the wildcard character '%' to your search. This will cause both panes of the Quick Profile window to use the same search string, and to return consistent information.

Permanent fix:
Patch T52Y854 has been developed for Service Desk Manager 17.1 and 17.1.01 (rollup 1). To request this fix, or for more information on this issue in relation to other product versions, please contact CA Support for more information.