Identity Manager RACF Endpoint status unavailable
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Identity Manager RACF Endpoint status unavailable


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Identity Manager 14.1 provides support for endpoint outages. These outages can include planned outages that are managed by administrators (for example if an endpoint is down for maintenance) as well as unplanned outages (where a provisioning operation fails).  An operation can fail due to one of the following two reasons; 
  • An endpoint is down. 
  • The Provisioning server returns an error.
The endpoint status is displayed in the User Accounts screen of the "Suspended" and "Locked" fields with one of the following values:

Access denied
Service Not Found

UNAVAILABLE is usually seen when a connection is available to the endpoint source but the user account is not available.   However, a scenario has been identified where the User Accounts screen shows RACF endpoints as "UNAVAILABLE" even though they are up and working and Identity Manager is able to communicate with them.

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RACF Unavailable


Identity Manager 14.1 CP5


A fix is available on request for 14.1 CP5 and the fix will be published as part of the next cumulative patch fix.  Please contact CA Technical Support to request the fix.


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