Javascript DDNA flash load displaying warning
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Javascript DDNA flash load displaying warning


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When using the javascript DDNA, there is a function client.loadFlash(readyCallback); which causes the browser to prompt user for allowing flash (see attached screenshot). If the web application does not include any flash elemets, can this function be removed, or is it necessary for correct collecting of MFP? We haven't noticed any difference in the behavior when the user allows or denies the launching of flash.


CA Risk Authentication Javascript DDNA Client - 7.x, 8.x, 9.x


You can disable the flash part of DDNA client using below API (Javascript). 

Description of the noFlash property:
The indication whether the Flash movie bundled with the Client should be used for gathering additional attributes for DeviceDNA. The value should be boolean - true or false. By default, noFlash is set to false, which implies that the Flash movie will be used.