Timesheet of one user is visible to Another User in Clarity PPM


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How can a userA view userB's timesheet when userA is not supposed to have the ability to view the timesheet?  One user sees other timesheets that are not there own along with her timesheet when they enters the timesheet module.


This is due to the userA having rights over userB either from a global, OBS, or instance level.



Component: PPMTMM


Sequentially check the rights setup as noted below. If any rights are removed/changed, note that the user may need to log out and log back in for rights to refresh.

1. Check if UserA has the following global rights:
a. Global right(Timesheets - Navigate) 
b. Global right(Timesheet - Approve - All) 

2. Check if UserA has instance right(Resource - Enter Time) for UserB

  •  In Clarity go to Administration->Resources->Click on the resource with the issue
  • Click on the Resource's Access right tab, then select Instance from the tab drop down
  • Click on the link to 'Resource - Enter Time'
  • Check to see if those additional users are listed and if so, delete them

3. Check if the user has access at the OBS Level:

  •  Navigate to Administration > Resources > userB > Access to this Resource > Full View 
  • Check if there is the right(Resource - Enter Time) which is granted through an OB
  • If there is and the request is to remove the right, go to Administration > OBS > selected the OBS > Units > drill down and select the unit 
  • Click on the "Access Right for Unit" tab and remove the right.

Additional Information

KB 104080 - Clarity PPM: Best Practices on Rights Management