How to resolve a "No driver error information available" problem?
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How to resolve a "No driver error information available" problem?


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Aion Business Rules Expert


In the Connection wizard in the Aion IDE, doing a test of the database connection may give a "No driver error information available" error, if using a native connection. Doing an equivalent ODBC connection works fine. How can this be resolved?. 



Component: AIONBR


The error "No driver error information available" is common to all the databases supported by the current release of Aion, which can happen if the respective client driver cannot be found within Windows. One way to resolve this, is to find the database client driver's directory, and add the directory to the system %PATH% environmental variable.

For example let's say you have Oracle 10g, DB2 9.5, and SQL Server 2005 installed and you want to use Aion.

To find the names of these drivers, Go to Start:Control Panel:Administrative Tools:Data Sources (ODBC).

Let's have a look at the default directories for these files. The files are based on a 32-bit operating system.
Oracle 10g uses SQORA32.DLL, found in c:\oracle\product\(version)\db_1\bin. (note the major releases of Oracle change their directory structure, so you may need to perform a search for the DLL)
DB2 uses DB2CLI.DLL, found in c:\program files\ibm\sqllib\bin.
SQL Server uses SQLNCLI.DLL, found in c:\windows\system32.
Make sure the directories have been added to your %PATH% environmental variable. This may have been done, but it is always a good idea to confirm beforehand.
After updating the PATH environment variable, you will need to close and reopen all of the applications that you have launched from the Windows shell. Alternatively, you can logoff and logon to obtain the updated PATH environment variable settings.