What's in the CA XCOM .MBR files? Are they Readable?
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What's in the CA XCOM .MBR files? Are they Readable?


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What's in the CA XCOM .MBR files? Are they readable? Can I use them to manage the queue?


Release: CA XCOM Data Transport
Component: xcpcnt, xcurs6, xcusol, xcuhp9, xclx86


You may use XCOMQM from the Command Prompt to Manage the Queue.

You can read the information in the .MBR files by using the XCOMQM command from the Command Prompt window. xcomd stores information about each transfer in its own MBR file.

With XCOMQM you can:

  • Display a list of all the items in the queue 

  • Get detailed information about an item in the queue 

  • Find out the exact release of XCOM 

  • Delete entries from the queue 

  • Terminate active transfers 

  • Suspend transfers 

  • Resume suspended transfers 

  • Put scheduled transfers on hold 

  • Release held transfers

To get a list of options and syntax- type XCOMQM and hit ENTER.


Additional Information

The commands are also described in the online documentation CA XCOM Data Transport for UNIX/Linux - 11.6.01
See Section Reference > Operating Environment > xcomqm Command