Endevor calling processors BASICGEN and BASICDEL
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Endevor calling processors BASICGEN and BASICDEL


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When and why are processors BASICGEN and BASICDEL called? 


All supported releases 


Processors BASICGEN and BASICDEL are called when a processor group '*NOPROC*' has been defined for a TYPE of element defined with Source Output Library.

When you generate an Element of this Type, the Processor BASICGEN copies the current level of the element's code into the Source Output Library.

If the Expand include option is in use for the Type of element being generated, BASICGEN will also expand all includes accordingly to the Expand includes rule in place.
When you delete an element of this Type, the processor BASICDEL is called to delete the member from the Source Output library.

Additional Information

For further information, see chapter "Define Processor Group Syntax"