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Real Browser Monitor (RBM) scripts show blank pages rather than web content when using latest Firefox versions


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We have a script which was previously running in ASM successfully, the RBM script executes in playback in the CA Cloud recorder (Badboy) but when executing it in the Cloud now fails to find the same pages as when it runs locally, for example:
               JavaScript error: TypeError: this is undefined polyfills.ec1abdfbbfbb52091126.bundle.js:1
Screen dumps taken at particular points in the script show it sees blank pages rather than the true content presented when executed locally.


ASM uses old Firefox for running RBMs (Firefox 34.0.5).
In the above example, application includes a newer polyfills library which needs recent Firefox version.


Component: WMAPP


CA Development is planning to update the RBM code to support latest browser versions (Enhancement DE373654)
At the moment, the only available workaround is to use old Firefox versions.