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Web Agent required libraries on RHEL 7.X x64


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We are installing 64-bit Web Agent on RHEL7 64-bit following the installation guide, and we have seen that we should install a list of required libraries, however all of them are 32-bit. We have tried to do the installation without them and the agent seems to work properly. Are these 32-bit libraries necessary?


Web Agent Option Pack R12.52 SP1 CR09 x64 on RHEL7 x64


The 32-bit libraries mentioned in the documentation are only needed if you are installing a 32-bit Web Agent on the Linux OS mentioned in the documentation. Then, no 32-bit libraries are needed for 64-bit Web Agent running on 64-bit Linux OS.

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Web Agent R12.52 SP1 pre-requisites:
Web Agent Option Pack R12.52 SP1 pre-requisites: