Which components for Harvest Mobile on Linux


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Need to verify that pec and the client need to be installed and run as user cascm on a Unix instance of the Harvest Client. 
Also does the client need to be installed on the same sever as the mobile piece? We have unix servers (two app servers and two web servers. Both Unix). The mobile piece is installed via websphere.


Release: SCMNCR99000-13.0-Harvest-Software Change Manager-Named User-Competitive Replacem


- When installing the client, the Implementation Guide shows an example where the userid that is used to install is “cascm” but this is just an example. The userid you use to install the client can be any userid you choose. It is recommended to install the CAPKI piece (etpki.tar.gz) as root and the other two as the userid that will “own” the SCM client application. However CAPKI can be installed using the same userid as the rest of the SCM client if needed. 
- The client does need to be installed on the same server that is running the mobile piece. That would include the etpki.tar.gz, the pec474.tar.gz and the client.tar.gz – all 3. 

Ideally the rest service url should be as follows :(In file harconfig.js located in HarvestSCMMobile\Capabilities folder)