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Not able to edit or submit reports from Endevor "REPORTING INTERFACE"


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I'm need to run a report from the Endevor "REPORTING INTERFACE"
After I enter option to build the report an error message " INVALID OPTION" is displayed on the top right of panel when I try to submit the request with the option S "SUBMIT". 
The same error occurs for the edit option "E"


Release: ENDAE.00200-18.0-Endevor-Software Change Manager


A wrong version of Clist C1SR1000 is executed.
The CLIST C1SR1000 must be loaded from the current version of Endevor CSIQCLS0(C1SR1000).


You must locate and suppress any other old version of Clist C1SR1000.
You can locate the old Clist by doing the following;
- Goto panel "REPORTING INTERFACE" option in error.
- Enter command "PANELID", C1SR1000 must be displayed on the top left of panel.
- Reproduce the error message
- Enter 'TSO ISRDDN'
- Enter 'member C1SR1000'
- Make sure you load Clist from CSIQCLS0(C1SR1000) first