Not able to edit or submit reports from Endevor "REPORTING INTERFACE"


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I'm need to run a report from the Endevor "REPORTING INTERFACE"
After I enter option to build the report an error message " INVALID OPTION" is displayed on the top right of panel when I try to submit the request with the option S "SUBMIT". 
The same error occurs for the edit option "E"


A wrong version of Clist C1SR1000 is executed.
The CLIST C1SR1000 must be loaded from the current version of Endevor CSIQCLS0(C1SR1000).


Release: ENDAE.00200-18.0-Endevor-Software Change Manager


You must locate and suppress any other old version of Clist C1SR1000.
You can locate the old Clist by doing the following;
- Goto panel "REPORTING INTERFACE" option in error.
- Enter command "PANELID", C1SR1000 must be displayed on the top left of panel.
- Reproduce the error message
- Enter 'TSO ISRDDN'
- Enter 'member C1SR1000'
- Make sure you load Clist from CSIQCLS0(C1SR1000) first