Meltdown vulnerability
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Meltdown vulnerability


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Bind Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS SQL-Ease for DB2 for z/OS SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS Plan Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS Subsystem Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


Require details of Product Meltdown vulnerability

Is there any Meltdown vulnerability for the products?


z/os DB2


1) We have tested all Detector functionality with the Meltdown patch on and encountered no problems.
) In reference to the PSASTAK field, which holds recovery information, neither Detector no Subsystem Analyzer reference that field
directly nor do they manipulate the recovery stack in any way. All references/uses of the recovery stack are through the use of documented interfaces.
3) Though not specifically related to the Meltdown patch, a related notification from IBM referred to the use of the LMG instruction in relation to management of linked-lists.
We have reviewed our use of the LMG instruction and found no anomalies.