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Should Closed/Rejected/All Resource Bookings appear in OOTB Advanced Reports like Capacity vs Allocation?


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These Advanced Reports are showing Resource Bookings (Project, Team tab) that have a "Request Status" of Closed, Rejected or new and unconfirmed. 
  • Capacity vs Allocation 
  • Capacity vs Demand 
  • Over/Under Allocation 
  • Resource Allocations and Assignments 
  • Resource Forecast Utilisation 
  • Resource Forecast Utilisation Detail 

The Reports run, but why are Closed and Rejected Resource Bookings showing?

How to get them not to appear on these Reports?

<Please see attached file for image>

Project Team tab showing a Closed Request Status

<Please see attached file for image>

Capacity and Allocation Report showing data is by Final Date, not Request Status


All CA PPM versions.


These Reports are dependent on the Project, Team "Final Date" to be excluded.

Setting the "Final Date" to a range which excludes the bookings will exclude these from the Report.
In the example given, Bob's data is excluded from the Report because the Finish Date is in July, and the Report starts from August.
Bob's data is not excluded because of the Closed Request Status.

This functionality is expected, and would require an Enhancement Request to change.

Or else a custom Report may be written to show different data.

Additional Information

Advanced Reporting - Support Technical Document Index


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