Moving checkpoint data set for CA 7 r12.0 or 12.1
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Moving checkpoint data set for CA 7 r12.0 or 12.1


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CA 7 Workload Automation


What need to be considered when moving the CA 7 Checkpoint Dataset to a different Volume or Device?


Release: 12.0 and 12.1     (THIS PROCEDURE IS NOT VALID FOR CA 7 r11.3)
Component: 7


When moving the Checkpoint  Dataset to a different volume, or Device, CA 7 need to be down. You should then start CA 7 with a TYPE: CKPT. The CKPT will then be reinitialized and the following will occur: 

--The CA7 job number starts over at the lowest available number. 
-- The schedule scan processing options are reestablished. Scanning can be initiated at the 
    option of the user. 
-- The product starts logging to the primary log. Any data that was in either the primary or 
    secondary log file is overwritten without being written to the history file. If you want to save 
    the log data, execute the log dump jobs before doing the CKPT start. 

   To avoid resetting the schedule counter, you should perform the the move directly after schedule scan last activated to avoid resetting the counter. 


Additional Information

Here are the recommended procedure for moving CA 7 stc files to a different device. The main file of focus is the CHECKPOINT (CKPT).


1 - issue CA 7 command:   SSCAN   (take a screen shot)

2- you will need to dump the current log and to do this issue the /SWAP command in CA 7. Once the log dump job complete you can go to the next step

3- stop CA 7

4- move all files over to new dasd

5- in the CA 7 init deck set the following to options:

    - RUNOPT=NSTA    (this will disable schedule scan at startup)

    - STOPQ=YES         (this will stop the queues at startup)

6- now you are ready to start CA 7 and you must do a TYPE=CKPT startup

     S ca7,TYPE=CKPT

7- when CA 7 starts all the "checkpoint" values in the checkpoint data set are reset.

8- issue CA 7 commands to verify and set schedule scan.

    - SSCAN should show the following

                  RDYQ IS STOPPED

           NEXT SCAN WAKE-UP = 99999 AT 3679  

9- issue CA 7 command to set the NEXT SCAN PERIOD START TIME to the time from the SSCAN output in step # 1

     -  SSCAN,DATE=20203,PERSTART=1300

10- issue CA 7 command: SSCAN to verify the NEXT SCAN PERIOD START TIME is correct.

11- If #9 is ok, you can start schedule scan with command:


12- Check the queues to see if all jobs look good. If so, you can start the queues using command: