vmware probe esx server collect metric under two different hostname


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Noticed some metrics collected by vmware probe for some servers, it falls under two different server name (one with fqdn and one with shortname).  


The scenario is by designed, not a defect. 


UIM: 8.51;
vmware probe: 6.87  


This is how it works - 

You have added an ESX Host as a VMware probe resource. The resource tree you see in probe config UI is derived from this resource which contains one ESX host. 

That is, the probe assigns the type 'RESOURCE' to device <IP_ADDRESS> and assigns the type HOST to device <DEVICE_NAME> (They are 2 different devices from probe's point of view but are correlated as same device later by the discovery engine) . This is an expected behavior . 

Now , the scenario you see is - 
1. You configured a HOST cpu metric QOS_CPU_USAGE (01.png file) - the source for this metric is its nearest parent ip device , i.e the HOST <DEVICE_NAME> . 
2. You configured a RESOURCE POOL cpu metric QOS_CPU_USAGE(02.png) - the source for this metric is its nearest parent ip device, i.e . RESOURCE in this case whose name is device <IP_ADDRESS> 


Please kindly refer to the attached screenshot "01.png" and "02.png",

<Please see attached file for image>


<Please see attached file for image>



Additional Information

vmware Metrics:


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