Projects can't be opened using OWB
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Projects can't be opened using OWB


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Why do we receive the following error when attempting to open a project with multiple predecessor/successor relationships using OWB?

"The Dependency cannot be created because another Dependency refers to the same predecessor and successor tasks."


Component: ODPRD


To fix the issue you need to identify the problem tasks:

-you can do this by launching the project to owb to get the error. 
-Then close owb. 
-Navigate the c:\OWBLogs folder and open the file that indicates to client. 
-Scroll to the bottom of the file and it should stop with information for OT_DPENDENCY. 
-Note the ids for the prPredTaskID and prSuccTaskID. Then scroll up the document until you find another instance that shows the same combination of task id's to confirm this one is the duplicate. 
-Now copy one of the task ids and search the document to find the section for OT_TASK. Then find the task name. 
-Now go to clarity and navigate to the task and click on the Dependencies link. 
-Review the dependencies to find the one duplicated. 
-Select one of the duplicates and remove it. 

Additional Information

The following tech doc can be used to configure/enable OWB logging: