Troubleshooting Clarity with Fiddler
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Troubleshooting Clarity with Fiddler


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Troubleshooting Clarity and Jaspersoft Integration Web Browser Problems with Fiddler Web Debugging Tool

To download Fiddler go to the following website: (Fiddler should be installed on the user's workstation; not on the Clarity PPM or Jaspersoft Web Server)

Download and Install:
1) Click on Free Download
2) Select Fiddler for .NET2 or .NET4 , depending on the operating system on your PC
3) Fill out the rest of the form
4) Click on Download Fiddler to download and install it.
5) Click on save
6) Click on the downloaded file to start the installation.


Instructions on how to take the Fiddler trace.
1) Start Fiddler using the Fiddler2 icon in your START | Programs menu

Please Note: If the https communication is used, it is necessary enable "Capture HTTPS CONNECTS"
Go to Tools > Options:
Check the check box and follow these steps, and click OK button
    a) Capture HTTPS CONNECTS
    b) Decrypt HTTPS traffic
    c) Select '... from all processes' in the dropdown box

2) Bring up Web Viewer and reproduce the problem
3) In the left hand pane of fiddler you should see the requests and responses
4) To save these in the format needed by CA support:
- Select File from the top left menu
- Choose Save-> All Session(s) 
- Fill in a file name for the trace
- Click Save
- The file will be saved with the default SAZ extension.