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Upgrading to CA GEN 8.6: Option 6 from %CEINSTAL panel


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset Gen - Host Encyclopedia Gen - Run Time Distributed


When upgrading to CA Gen release 8.6, does option 6 from the %CEINSTAL panel need to be executed?


CA GEN release 8.6


Regarding whether option 6 is needed from the %CEINSTAL panel, please confirm if the installation is into a new installation or installing in place into an Existing Host Encyclopedia.

If installing into an existing Host Encyclopedia, please do options 5 and 6: 

5. Build Unload/Load JCL to copy an existing Host Encyclopedia 
'Data Tables' to a new Host Encyclopedia 

6. Build JCL/SQL to Upgrade In-Place an existing Host Encyclopedia 
to a new Host Encyclopedia 
Options 5 and 6 are not needed if installing into a new Host Encyclopedia.