Identity Governance Install ERROR from db-util
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Identity Governance Install ERROR from db-util


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When we recently installed Identity Governance we noticed that the install log had an error in regards to db-util. Please see below.

output of DB_UTIL running to recreate Identity Governance database
                          Status: SUCCESSFUL
                          Additional Notes: NOTE - DBUTIL_RESULT = ERROR from db-util: java.lang.RuntimeException: exit code: -1.Checking whether DATABASE_NAME exists...
statement executed.
DB DATABASE_NAME exists: true
Checking whether db tables for DATABASE_NAME exist...
statement executed.
DB tables for DATABASE_NAME exist: true
Please run dbutil command in update mode (-up)...


Identity Governance 


This error message indicates that the database exists already but the installer was triggered as a install instead of an upgrade. At the end of the error message you can see the command needs to run in "update" mode due to the tables existing.

To resolve this I would recommend either a new database or clearing the tables out (as long as there is no important data on them).