Self-signed cert "Issued By" is incorrect


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CA Spectrum


I recently created a self-signed certificate and when I view the cert in the browser, the "Issued By" name is incorrect. How do I correct it?


Component: SPCOCK


1. First you want to delete the existing self-signed cert. From the /java/bin directory run the following command:

./keytool -delete -alias tomcatssl -keystore c:/win32app/Spectrum/custom/keystore/cacerts (modify the path to cacerts as needed for your environment)

2. Then follow the steps to create a new Self-Signed cert, and be sure to add <correct_name> as the "First and Last name" choice:

./keytool -certreq -alias tomcatssl -keystore c:/win32app/Spectrum/custom/keystore/cacerts -file filename.csr (again, modify cacerts path as needed, and also can rename the filename.csr if you choose)

3. Load the new cert ./keytool -genkey -alias tomcatssl -keyalg RSA -keystore c:/win32app/Spectrum/custom/keystore/cacerts

4. Bounce Tomcat to load the new cert information and now the "Issued To" and "Issued By" will reflect the Name you chose in creating the self-signed cert