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Action Item Status Grayed Out


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We have a user that reported an issue that when he goes into a risk, select an associated action item, the status field is grayed out. Also when he goes into the action items and change the status to Done he receives an error stating he doesn't have permission to do so. He also has the Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - Create/Edit access right assigned to him.


Defect DE39841 - Action Item Status updates are not consistent.


There are inconsistences on the updating Status for an Action Items created from the Risk within the project. 

15.3, 15.4


1. Login to CA PPM and navigate to Home->Projects 
2. Open a project and click on Risks/Issues/Changes tab 
3. Create a Risk 
4. Click on Associated Action Items tab 
5. Create an Action Item and assign to another user, click Save and Return 
6. Notice you are UNABLE to update Status for an Action Item as you are not an Assignee 
7. Navigate to Home->Organizer and click on Action Items tab, notice you are ABLE to change status to the same Action Item you could not when you were in the Risks. 
8. Note that when you click on the Action Item details you are able to change status when using "Set Status for All Assignees" and clicking Apply but when you change the status in the List and click on Save you get an error below: 
ERROR CAL-06038: You do not have necessary rights to view this action item. 

Expected Results: Action Item behaviour should be consistent across the application 

Actual Results: You are able to change the status of Action Item in the Organizer list but not in the Risks 


Release: CODFSS99000-15.4.1-PPM SAAS FedRAMP-Sandbox-Small Environment


Defect DE39841 fixed in 15.5