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Dollar Universe 6: Impossible to stop a node via a Uproc


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


It is impossible to stop / start a different node from a different company from an Uproc, the environment is not correctly loaded.

In order to reproduce,simply having two nodes from two different companies on the same Unix/Linux server, ie COMPANY1 and COMPANY2.

If stop / start the other node via a Uproc which contains something like in the node from the Company1:

Stop Node on COMPANY2 from Node in COMPANY1 :
. /universe_node_company2/unienv.ksh 

Start Node on COMPANY2 from Node in COMPANY1 : :
. /universe_node_company2/unienv.ksh 

The stop / start will not work as it won't switch correctly the environment.


All OS


Unienv was not correctly loaded if launched on a different company node


The workaround consists on adding the uproc variable IS_BATCH_ENV_LOADED with the value N
The solution consists on upgrading to Dollar Universe 6.9.41 or superior which is released in October 2018.