Changed IM Probe Request Timeout to resolve controller communication error


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Increased 'Probe Request TimeOut' value to 65 sec(earlier 15 sec) from IM < tools< Options< probe request .  On increasing this value the robot communication error got resolved  and we could open the config in IM. Will there be any impact on the hub if we keep this value so high?


Component: UIMROB


What this means is that you are encountering network latency when connecting to that robot, because that is what this Timeout value is meant to accommodate. This has as such no impact on the hub functionality as you only made changes to the Infrastructure Manager. This change is for IM only, it does not make changes to the robot configuration at all.  It does not put more load on the hub as such, it means the tool IM (which is not intended to be used by many users in paralell) will wait longer for a response before aborting the communication and reporting an error.