Nimalarm is not updating ump usm robot status colour
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Nimalarm is not updating ump usm robot status colour


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Using nimalarm with different severity types.

The alarms show under the robot in UMP, but they do not change the colour of the robot icon in USM portlet

example : Critical nimalarm should make the robot Red, but the robot remains Green in UMP usm portlet


UIM 9.x or 20.1


The -t, -n, and -m options are required for UMP. If these options are not used, the alarm will not appear in USM. 

Using below options can see a user generated testalarm in USM 

nimalarm.exe -l 4 -d 5 -t 1.1 -n C:\ -m 1.1:10 "Disk SSD is alarming"

-t CI type 
(Optional) Defines the CI type. A CI type represents a group of related metric types. For example, the CI type for Disk can contain metrics for throughput, capacity, and free space. CI type is represented by a numeric value. The following example is the CI type for Disk. 

Example: 1.1 

-n CI name 
(Optional) Defines the CI name. 

Example: C:\ 

-m CI metric type 

(Optional) Defines the CI metric type. The CI metric type is a numeric value that specifies a measurement that is available for a CI type. 
This value is used by the nimbus API to look up the metric ID in niscache and insert it into the alarm message. 

The metric ID is the unique identifier for the metric that originated the alarm. Like the device ID, 
the metric ID is required to view the alarm in UMP and can be used to test pre-processing rules or Auto-Operators. The following example is the CI metric type for Disk Space. 

Example: 1.1:10 


Additional Information

The NimAlarm Utility


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