Dumpcode: EDK9, Dumpid: 1/0001, Tranid: SCFD, Tranum: 00000118, Program: VPEHJN70
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Dumpcode: EDK9, Dumpid: 1/0001, Tranid: SCFD, Tranum: 00000118, Program: VPEHJN70


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Datacom/AD IPC


We receive and applied this ptfs sugested by CA and hypers on Datacom 15.0 and recycled the Datacom MUF and CICS regions without problems

But when we issued this command in Ideal: DIS IND PGM this message appears:

04/08/2018 20:54:31 CICSLRDA A transaction dump was taken for dumpcode: EDK9, Dumpid: 1/0001, Tranid: SCFD, Tranum: 00000118, Program: VPEHJN70.
04/08/2018 20:54:31 CICSLRDA Transaction SCFD abend EDK9 in program VPEHJN70 term 4AAJ. Updates to local recoverable resources will be backed out.


z/os, CTS 4.2, IPC 15.0, DB 15.0


EDK9 (This abend was issued from the EDK dispatcher (EDEDITOR) 

- Explanation: Errors were encountered during an edit session. 
The EDK buffer cannot be located, most likely due to a CICS 
storage violation. 

- User Response: Check ADRLOG output for internal error 
messages, save the dump, and report this problem to CA-Ideal 
Technical Support. 


Mix of IPC 14.0/15.0 modules.

At least one IPC module was a 14.0 IPC module. Module in question was EDEDITOR module showing 14.0 coremark.

After module identification and correction of the module DIS INDEX PGM worked as it should.

Additional Information

There are few tools or commands which may help in identify the problem:

If you get into similar problem then: 
-1- Verify IPC release level via command: @I$INTERNAL STATUS. 
-2- Verify module level via command @I$SCF PGM= to dump specific modules just look at the ones that PTFs or just a few of the primary modules like SC00DISP, PMSEDIT and VPEHJExx. 
-3- Verify IPC level via IPCV transaction to check the release on the signon panel. 
-4- Verify module level via browsing CAVQLOAD library and checking module coremark.
-5- Same as 4 but using CICS transaction DBUT M= to verify coremark.  
-6-  Check the dump for any suspicious coremark.