DASD drops
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DASD drops


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MICS Resource Management


Is it possible to drop volsers from chargeback, but still collect the data? We recently switched hardware and now have 'old' volsers that we would like to not charge the users for.




For the VCA component, we allow charging using the following journal files: 

ACTJDAnn - VCA Non-VSAM Resource Accounting Journal File 
ACTJMSnn - VCA Systems Managed Storage Journal File 
ACTJVSnn - VCA VSAM Resource Accounting Journal File 
ACTJHFnn - VCA HFS Resource Accounting Journal File 
ACTJMGnn - HSM Migrated Data Accounting Journal File 
ACTJBCnn - HSM Backup Data Accounting Journal File 

Each of these journal files has a corresponding journal file exit. The journal file exits for the VCA component are found in sharedprefix.SOURCE(#VCAEXIT). 

If you know the VOLSER values that you do NOT want to charge for, you could create a SAS FORMAT that could be used as a look-up to see if the current DSN resides on one of the VOLSERs defined to the SAS FORMAT. DSN level charges for non-VSAM files is done from the VCADAA file, and the corresponding journal file exit invoked when creating the journal file is the VCAJDAA exit. You could add code to the VCAJDAA exit to zero the charges when the DSN volser matches the volsers you defined to the SAS FORMAT. Accounting does not output journal file records when the charge is zero--so by setting the charge to zero, you could avoid creating journal file records, and hence avoid charging.