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CONVERT to build VMF Index dramatically increased in TLMS 14.0


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TLMS Tape Management


Testing the VMF rebuild process from 12.6 to 14.0, the TLMSVSUT/CONVERT job went from 16 seconds elapsed time and 73,188 EXCPs to 1,114 seconds elapsed time and 3,871k EXCPs.


Release: TLMS..00200-14.0-TLMS-TAPE MANAGEMENT


We have a published PTF SO04840 that provides a new procedure and load module. This new procedure will require TLMS to be down to build the VMF index file. It also will build the VMF index file in the same elapsed time and EXCP count, that CAIVMFXU does with older releases of TLMS. PTF SO03935 is available via