Is it possible to use the value of the "Projected Violation Time" field in the body of a CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) email notification?


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Is there a way to bring the scheduled date of violation of a ticket in the "Initial" notification that is sent to the end user once he registers his/her ticket?. The date that I mention is located in the field: "Projected Violation Time" of the "Service Type" tab.

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CA Service Desk Manager 14.1 and 17.x
All Supported Operating Systems


Unfortunately, there is no way to use the value of the “Projected Violation Time” field in the body of a CA SDM notification email.

In order to use an attribute value in a notification, it must be a physical column in a database table.  The “Projected Violation Time” attribute is a derived value rather than a specific column in a MDB database table. It is calculated using the time_to_violation column on the attached_sla table and the calculated value is stored in memory.