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Portal Recording - Target URL is valid, but target is invalid


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


In the Portal, when creating a Virtual Service via Recording and providing the target URL, the Server image turns yellow and the following message is displayed:
Target URL is valid, but target is invalid (recording is still enabled)


All supported DevTest releases.


When we provide the target URL in the Portal, the VSE tries to validate the address.
The color in the target server image in the Portal depends on the HTTP code from the target response.
If it is between 200-399 range, the validation was ok and the Portal shows green.
If the value is different, but the VSE is still able to validate the URL/IP address, the Portal shows yellow.
If it is not possible to validate the address provided, the Portal shows red.

When we have the message, Target URL is valid, but target is invalid (recording is still enabled), we should be able to continue with the recording process and capture the transactions in the Portal.