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CA Performance Management Self Monitoring Dashboards show No Data Available message


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


When viewing the Self Monitoring Dashboards in CA Performance Managements (CAPM) CA Performance Center (CAPC) web UI all Views return a message "No Data Available".

The DataAggregator:<IP> default CA Data Aggregator (DA) Device element is not found in the Inventory->All Items->'System Health - Data Aggregator' group.


All supported CA Performance Management releases


Out of the box a default CA Data Aggregator (DA) Device element is created in the CAPM environment. This is used to provide Self Monitoring data for the environment in default Dashboards.

The product also allows an SNMP agent on the DA to be discovered and managed as a standard SNMP managed Device element.

The product reconciles the two Device elements based on IP and Device Type details. It results in a single Device element to use for both SNMP managed Server data, and Self Monitoring data for the CAPM environment. The SNMP managed Device element gets set with two Device Type values 'Data Aggregator, Server'.

A CA Mediation Manager (CAMM) Device Pack (DP) is integrated with the CAPM environment. This DP creates a Device element representing the DA using the servers IP address as both a Device name, and as an IP Address in the IP Address field. This Device element has a Device Type set to 'EMS Device'.

Due to the CAMM Device element using the same IP as the default DA Device element, but having an unexpected 'EMS Device' Device Type set, this broke the products reconciliation code. The result was the CAPC system selecting the CAMM Device element when Self Monitoring data was requested. Because the data is not tied to that Device element, it returned 'No Data Available'.


There are two methods to resolving this.

1: If the CAMM DP should not be creating Device elements representing the DA server, delete the elements and edit the CAMM DP to ensure the DA is not created as an element.

2: If the CAMM DP should be creating Device elements representing the DA server, configure them to set the IP Address to a blank/empty value.