Datacom COMM STATUS system task list
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Datacom COMM STATUS system task list


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Where is the list of Datacom COMM STATUS system tasks documented?




The COMM STATUS system task list can be found in CA Datacom Core - 15.1 section "COMM STATUS (Print Status of MUF Jobs)" at
Here is the list the as of the last time this page was updated: Last update MY 17, 2020
 Displays the name of the active job currently connected to the MUF or, if a system task, one of the following:

  • ***ACTNG
  • ***CDCL*
    A Change Data Capture Listener (CDCL) task
  • ***CDCM*
    A Change Data Capture Monitor (CDCM) task
  • ***DBCOM
    Tasks that process a console request, such as COMM CLRPXX
  • ***DBKEY
    Dedicated to 24x7 asynchronous index definition additions and deletions.
  • ***DBOPN
    MUF immediately after the enable to allow accounting, and other system tables the opportunity to open
  • ***DBRST
    RESTART function during the enable of the MUF
  • ***DBSYS
    Rare systems functions
  • ***DBURI
    When the CA Datacom® Datadictionary™ attribute URI-REUSE is set to Y (yes), after the URI count reaches 3G, an asynchronous scan of the data area is scheduled in the MUF. This scan uses a system task with a jobname of ***DBURI.
  • ***HISTR
    History database spill
  • ***IOCMP
    Asynchronous I/O completion system processing
  • ***MPLXY
    MUFplex system processing - normal
  • ***MPLXZ
    MUFplex system processing - abnormal
  • ***QUEUE
    Index queue
  • ***SCRTY
  • ***SPILL
    Log spilling
  • ***STAR
    CA Datacom® STAR system
  • ***STARX
    CA Datacom® STAR user requests
  • ****TA24
    Table alter for continuous 24x7 operations