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Investigation showed there was an extreme number of log and devtest_agent* files saved under the "lisatmp_10.x" folder; along with numerous vse_txns.vts files under the "txnstore" folder, all spanning over several days.

The server is a Windows Server 2012 R2 with a 65 GB storage drive for this data, and the only added application on this server is DevTest.

Currently there is a VERY LIMITED amount of user activity. I am assuming there are ways to limit what is saved, how much is saved, number of days worth, etc... Please advise....




All supported versions of DevTest.


txnstore files cannot be limited. 

Answers to your other questions: 

In reading over your feedback and reviewing the file, I am not finding an entry for "lisa.pathfinder.on" in the "" file, so I am assuming I would have to add this entry, please confirm? 

Answer: lisa.pathfinder.on is in the, by default it is on. We never recommend updating which is why I had you add to with a value of false: lisa.pathfinder.on=false 

On this same topic, just what occurs to the "devtest_agent_console*" files when setting "lisa.pathfinder.on" to "false"? 

Answer: Less devtest_agent_nnnn.log files get created. It will suppress those agent logs for all components except the Registry, when I tested this out I did see only 1 devtest_agent_nnn.log being created. 

Does it decrease the number created, or stop them from being created all together? 

Answer: Seems to not create any devtest_agent_nnnn.log files for Coordinator, Simulator and VSE. It will create 1 for Registry, Portal and Broker. 

Also, I am assuming the other "devtest_agent*" files are not affected by this property setting, is this correct? 

Answer: Yes

In regard to the folder and transaction files created under the "txnstore" folder, there must be a data size limit or folder creation limit, or some limit of some sort, especially if this cannot be controlled via property file settings - we would like to know what those limits are? 

Answer: The limits are what your disk space can hold. 

In reviewing one "txnstore" folder this morning on one of our DevTest Enterprise Servers, there has been 500 + folders created over the last 5 days consuming 1 GB of space - this might make sense if there was a lot of activity on this server, but the activity is extremely limited. 

Answer: A VTS file is a transaction store. It is like a data store for the VSE recorder to read and write the transactions of a virtual service - like a raw traffic file. When we record any transactions it is written out to the VTS file. DevTest Portal recordings store the recorded transactions in the VTS file. The VTS file is not needed during VSM deploy and playback. 

There must be users doing some recording.

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