Agile Central- Formatted ids on the Release Tracking page are truncated.


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On the Release Tracking page the formatted id values are truncated. 

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Release Tracking Board


The issue is caused by the work item prefix value being longer then 7 characters causing the text to be truncated. 


Component: ACSAAS


To correct the issue with the truncated formatted ids the following steps can be taken by a workspace or subscription administrator:
  • Go the settings page using the hammer and wrench icon.
  • Select Workspace and Projects.
  • Select the Workspace in question.
  • Select the fields tab 
  • Change the dropdown list to Portfolio items.
  • Locate Portfolio item type and using the gear icon select edit

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Formatted ids
  • There is a 10 character limit on the value that can be entered.  The issue was noticed when the value was 7 characters or longer.
  • To modify the prefix id use the pencil icon. We recommend using the following id's for the prefixes
  • F:Feature
  • E:Epic
  • Theme:TH

NOTE: This will not affected the portfolio items themselves only the way the formatted id is displayed. 



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