IM - Non robot probes not showing versions information
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IM - Non robot probes not showing versions information


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


 I have spotted several robots are showing no versions or packages in the list of probes in Infrastructure Manager
QoS and alarms are being sent by the probes as expected.
Why is the version information not being displayed and how can we correct it?


UIM 20.3 and later


the Nimsoft\robot\pkg\inst\installed.pkg  is damaged or corrupted.


The Nimsoft\robot\pkg\inst\installed.pkg has to be recreated.
this can be done a couple of ways
Option 1:
you can just deploy the installed probes again.

Option 2:
you can see if the Nimsoft\robot\pkg\inst\installed.pkg- exists and rename it to Nimsoft\robot\pkg\inst\installed.pkg
The restart the robot and validate the probes.

If controller, hdb, &/or spooler do not show the version:
remove both installed.pkg & installed.pkg- 
restart the robot 
deploy robot_update
deploy the other probes