Receiving insufficient storage error for Endevor Extract request


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Receiving RC 16 C1G0140S ENDEVOR - C1BM3000 ABENDED CODE=U4002 sporadically . Not all users are getting this error.   


Component: ENDBAS


Most U4002 abends can be bypassed by either increasing the region the job is runnning, or by reducing the number of actions.

An IPCS dump will be needed to diagnose this problem, 
Use the following command to capture a slip trap of the abend.
/SLIP SET;ID=xxxx,J=jjjj,COMP=U4002,A=SVCD,END
where iiii is an arbitrary ID and jjjj is your job name

Also include the full output from the job with the following diagnostic DD's added to the JCL:
//BSTERR DD SYSOUT=* - general error messages
//EN$TROPT DD SYSOUT=* - default options report
//EN$TRST1 DD SYSOUT=* - Storage allocation trace

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